We have worked diligently with international Customs experts for number of years. In , OneGlobe Consolidators (S) Pte Ltd. has a trusted and a renowned name for Custom Clearance Services. Every single piece of consignment you are importing or exporting must fulfil all the authorized Customs regulations and guidelines in order to move across international borders. We have dedicated team for Custom Clearance Services. With our assurance to deliver customer service fineness, at OneGlobe Consolidators (S) Pte Ltd. we strive hard to make international and domestic shipping rapid, up-front and efficient processing of our customer’s cargo at every stage of the shipment. Our expertise lies in managing both export and import of any item.
We have a profound experience in the field of price classification, customs act, customs procedures and directives, duty exclusion schemes, SVB (Special Valuation Branch) measures, customs duty reimbursement, license authentication and many more. Some of our international agencies offer an internal Customs clearance service, which provides a smooth, efficient and lawfully abide the transportation process.
We offer skillful, expert advice and direction on all essential measures and significant cargo classification. We at OneGlobe Consolidators (S) Pte Ltd.:
  • Provide guidance on probable custom duty for various cargos built on cataloguing code and country of origin where the shipment had to be sent.
  • Expedite processing though customs processes
  • Reduced threat of Customs interference for sea going consignments.
  • Curtail risk scores in Customs risk operation systems.